Voice Lessons

Kate Chadwick Voice Lessons FAQs: 

How much is a private lesson? 

30 Minute Session: $45

Hour Session: $85

Where is the lesson held? 

I work out of the National Opera Center in Chelsea (29th Street and 7th Ave). I take care of the cost of the rental, so you only owe me your fee at the end of our lesson. I’m also happy to work via Skype, FaceTime, or the phone!

Who plays the piano for the lesson? 

I do; I sight-read melody lines and chords in the lesson. If you’re looking for someone to only play through your songs, (without working on vocal technique), I have several pianists I can recommend.

Who do you usually work with? 

I work with anyone who wants to sing! My main clientele over the last ten years has been dancers who are terrified to sing, and actors who don’t usually sing on stage.  I started out as a dancer, and my undergraduate and post-graduate work was in acting, so those seem to be the people who have sought me out in my practice thus far. But, I can work with anyone! If you need help with your voice, or you need an audition book, or you need new songs, I can help.

I have also worked with several people who have had vocal injury. I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment, but several of my students (once their doctor gives them the all-clear to sing) have come to me to get their voices strong again after injury. I shape each lesson to whatever my student needs, and that has made it so many of my students have gotten their full voices back again.

Where have your students performed? 

My students have performed with Wicked (B’way and National Tour), The Lion King (B’way), The Radio City Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular, several European Tours, and many shows on board Carnival Cruises, Disney Cruises, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. They’ve also been in NYMF shows, Off-Broadway shows, and children’s shows around the area.

What is the structure of the lessons once we are in the room? 

In an hour-long lesson, we start out with a little physical alignment session (five minutes at most). After that, we do about fifteen to twenty minutes of technique and warm up, focusing on breath support, bel canto and speech-level singing, and injury prevention (depending on what you need for a role or for your own vocal development). The final half hour is time to work on a song of your choice. The song can be for fun, for an audition, or for a role. We will work through it so that you are comfortable with the notes, the rhythms, and the vocal technique of it. We can work through how to behave in an audition room, too (i.e. what to tell the accompanist so your audition goes as smoothly as possible).  I welcome recording devices to get a track of the accompaniment so you can practice at home.

Do you work with children at all? 

Of course! The youngest kid I’ve ever worked with was four, and the oldest was in her seventies. I work with all ages.

What should I bring to a lesson? 

All you need to bring is your sheet music, water, any recording device you want to use, and payment. I take cash or check, and I can use Venmo if you prefer it.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions. Click on the contact tab at the top of the page.