Voice Lesson Testimonials

What current and past students say:


“Taking voice lessons with Kate Chadwick has been, and continues to be a very rewarding experience.  She expertly determines a singer’s natural abilities, and then works with him/her to strengthen both their existing skills, while encouraging new ones.  Kate creatively explains each aspect, whether a “warm up exercise” or an actual song, so if one doesn’t fully understand the notes or song, she always finds a way for a student to learn what Kate endeavors to teach.  She is an expert in the anatomy of what is involved with singing, and can diagnose what is needed to be altered through exercises and other means to improve.  I can say that over the 4+ years that I have worked with Kate, I look forward to our lessons immensely as she is a great encouragement, and really wants her pupils to succeed.  She is familiar with a wide variety of songs, and also offers suggestions for someone to add to their vocal range.  Kate is an expert teacher with a kind and patient manner.  I highly recommend her.”